Computer Support's Beverley premises

A local, family-run business providing comprehensive technical support to the Beverley area for 10 years.

Can you help?

Generally, yes! We repair and service laptops and desktops alike, PCs or Macs, Windows or Linux, Android or iOS. Whatever your problem, we will strive to help you. We are fully equipped to handle all typical problems, and even many unusual ones - Still running Mac OS 9? Need data recovering from a 5.25" Floppy disk? Give us a call!

When are you open?

Our workshop is open 5 days a week - opening 10:00AM until 4:00PM Monday through Friday. Our staff take the weekend off to recharge in time for Monday!

Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Weekends: Closed

How much will this cost?

Costs vary depending on your type of problem or requirement, but we aim to keep things as simple and shock-free as possible. Wherever we can, we will attempt to give you a rough guideline of cost when booking your machine in. Beyond this, we generally work to not let a bill exceed £80 without discussing the situation with you first - most repairs are well under this price. A typical overhaul and virus cleanup, for example, is £54.

Can you come to me?

Experience has taught us that the majority of problems cannot be properly dealt with in the home. It's impossible to carry the range of tools required to deal with the wide variety of problems we could encounter, and the time constraints presented by an hourly rate put the focus on the speed of work, not quality. It might be possible to remove your virus inside an hour or two, but properly verifying your machine is clean and secure - observing its network chatter and testing your antivirus - take time that you need not be charged for.

How long will I be without my computer?

Again, depending on your exact problem specifics may differ, but most problems are sorted within a couple of working days. We strive to accomodate our customers in any way we can, and we understand some situations are more desperate than others - though we will not compromise the quality of our work just to keep to a "24 Hour Promise"! We welcome our customers to ring for a job update at any time within our opening hours, and strive to keep our customers informed of any unexpected changes.

Where are you?

Beverley residents may best recognise our location as "Just up the road from Nellies'". Hengate is part of Beverley's one-way system, and runs alongside St Mary's Church. Beverley Bus Station is just around the corner, and parking is graciously provided by The White Horse Inn. Check our location page for a map, and further details.

I still have questions...

More information is available on our services page... but if you're uncertain, don't hesitate to give us a call - Our friendly staff strive to answer every phonecall and will answer any further questions you may have and may even be able to help over the phone!